The application is available at per user / per month subscription.
Audit User License – £65 per user per month
System Administrator License – £85 per user per month
Data Storage Space (10 GB) – £250 per Month

The prices above are exclusive of VAT.
Clients will be invoiced annually at the beginning of the subscription period for the full amount of 12 month subscription fees.
Clients are required to subscribe for two System Administrator user licenses per 50 user licenses.
For clients with less than 50 user licenses, at least two System Administrator licenses are mandatory.

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Due to increased productivity, on average, an auditor saves 1Hr per day i.e. 1X20 = 20Hrs per months.
Audit resources are on average, billed at £100-200 per hour. Therefore by using RCAP, Audit Functions can save anywhere from £2000 to £4000 per auditor per month (i.e. £24K – 48K per year).
Due to the increased productivity, for a team of 25 Auditors, Audit Function with a team of 25 Auditors can save from £600,000 to £1.2M per annum.

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