Features Overview

R-CAP is for audit firms and internal audit functions who want audit software that is designed around the way they work. R-CAP enables full collaboration across the Audit Life-Cycle with secure cloud based planning, fieldwork, reporting and observations tracking.

R-CAP has been designed and built by professional auditors, for professional auditors. With a long background in audit and compliance, the TRONIXSS team found that most software used by auditors constrains rather than enables the process. Generic GRC software’s are not designed specifically for auditors and are often complex and difficult to use.

R-CAP introduces more efficiency in working practices by allowing documents to be reviewed on the go from mobile devices, providing superior editing tools, and making collaboration between team members and with clients central to the process.

R-CAP has a comprehensive in-built audit methodology in-line with the industry best practices and guidance from the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Audit Universe
R-CAP helps you to build your Audit Universe by dividing the organization into a group of smaller auditable entities. This allows segmentation of the organization into smaller and manageable entities that can be efficiently risk assessed and managed.
Business Monitoring
With R-CAP, Audit functions can perform regular business monitoring with your stakeholders and identify the high risk areas within business to prioritize their efforts and identify emerging risks.
Risk Assessments
R-CAP improves auditors’ efficiency by enabling them to document results and perform regular risk assessments of auditable entities, identify high risk areas and build a heat-map of organisation’s risk profile.
Audit Life-Cycle Management
Having comprehensive in-built audit methodology and observations tracking capabilities, R-CAP is the ready to use project management and approval workflow solution for the auditors. Audit functions can plan and execute audits with in-built project management and work paper documentation capabilities.
R-CAP incorporates various audit phases including Planning, Fieldwork and Reporting the building blocks such as processes, risks, controls, workpapers, observations and action plans.

Observation Tracking
With R-CAP, audit functions can document audit observations and track the action plans against each observation with regular status updates and supporting evidence.
R-CAP allows audit leads to manage their budget efficiently by maintaining the record of start and end date of each assignment, percentage allocation to each audit, weekly time spent against each audit and any ad-hoc activities such as mandatory trainings, team meetings, recruitment etc.

Audit functions can perform a detailed analysis of areas where more time/resources are required and build a realistic plan for the future audits.