Q: Can I try R-CAP before purchase?

A: Yes, a 30 day Free trial is available for R-CAP. Please contact us to get a trial user account setup for you. You can also download R-CAP from Salesforce AppExchange.

Q: Is there a minimum number of user licenses that one need to purchase?

A: No, R-CAP is licensed as per user per month (paid in advance for a year). R-CAP is built for all size of organizations. Even small Audit functions can utilize the advanced benefits of the software without paying for a large number of minimum user licenses that they may never use.
Small firms may like to purchase at least two System Administrator License to manage the user accounts and couple of Standard User licenses (depending on the Audit function size, one for each Auditor).

Q: Is R-CAP scanned for security vulnerabilities?

A: Yes, before listing of any app in AppExchange, extensive security reviews are performed including scans against secure coding practices such as OWASP top 10. Further, security reviews and automated scans are performed annually and before any major releases.

Q: How unauthorized access is prevented to R-CAP?

A: R-CAP manages security in transit by the use of secure protocols (https). User passwords are never sent over emails, instead user receives a link to activate the account and set a password.
If user logs in to the R-CAP from a different location or a different machine, user is required to provide a onetime verification code sent to user’s registered email, before the account can be accessed.

Q: Is Two-Factor Authentication supported?

A: Yes, Two-Factor authentication is supported for R-CAP and can be enabled at an additional cost.

Q: Is encryption supported for data-at-rest?

A: Yes, data-at-rest encryption is supported in R-CAP at an additional cost.

Q: Which cloud platform is used for R-CAP app?

A: R-CAP is developed on industry leading cloud platform Force.com from Salesforce and Google drive that enables Google Docs and Sheets.