Risk Management in a Digitized Banking Environment

The digital revolution in general and in banking in particular has changed the way we do business. Billions of dollars are transferred at the click

The Brexit Effect on Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading Systems

June 23, 2016 – The night of Britain’s EU referendum was an intense one in financial markets and especially for electronic foreign exchange (FX) business across the world.

Cyber Security & Resilience Initiatives By UK Government

Due to UK’s political and economic significance, UK based institutions and core infrastructure faces a high Cyber risk. In the last 2-3 years HM

Automated Auditing Tools – The Only Sustainable Solution for Regular IT Compliance Monitoring

In the last few years, Data Breaches, thefts, Cyber attacks, Key IT Systems unavailability etc. have become a regular part of the news.

Fintech Risk Management= Trust + Simplicity + Speed

“Innovation lies at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences” – Walter Isaacson Walter Isaacson the Author of Steve Jobs’ famous biography and “The Innovators”
business team celebrating victory in office

Operational Risks in Financial Institution (Fundamentals)

Operational risk is generally defined as a risk arising from direct or indirect loss to the firm due to inadequate or failed internal process, people and systems.

My Favorite Blogs – Life of an Auditor

As the name suggests “Life of an Auditor” is a blog written in autobiography style, starting in 2007. The Blogger has since published 300+ blogs and has been regularly publishing.